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Arizona Lawmakers Pass the PHOENIX Sports Betting Senate Bill 1797

The PHOENIX – Senate Bill 1797, commonly identified as the fantasy sports bill, was passed on Monday. The next step in the process is for the bill to be signed into law by the state’s governor.

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The PHOENIX – Senate Bill 1797, commonly identified as the fantasy sports bill, was passed on Monday. The next step in the process is for the bill to be signed into law by the state’s governor.

Fortunately, the governor, Doug Ducey, through his Tweet, signaled that he supported the bill. Minutes after the bill was passed, Ducey was out tweeting that the passed bill was a win-win for Arizonans, sports leagues, teams, and tribal members. He also went ahead and thanked all that worked to enhance Arizona’s gaming compact.

The Senate Bill 1797 would make online sports betting a legal activity in the region. Furthermore, it would authorize up to 10 licenses to launch sportsbooks at or near stadiums, golf courses, and race tracks. Consequently, bettors would be in a position to wager for their favorite sports teams at different venues. For example, can wager on Sun at their Phoenix Suns grounds or Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

An additional 10 licenses would be given to tribes which would allow them to launch new sportsbooks or casinos. The Senate Bill will also push for a renegotiation of the state’s pact with the tribes. Luckily, most of the tribes support the SB -1797.

Sally Gonzales, the state senator, Yaqui Tribe’s member, and a Democrat, opposes the bill claiming that it would have detrimental impacts on Indian gaming and the overall community. She added that the tribes indeed want the bill, and they asked their leaders to vote in favor of it. But the leaders are doing this with their hands tied behind their backs. They are doing this to push for a new compact right after the legislation has passed.

Brian Rodrigues, The Dollar Bet betting podcast’s host, fancies wagering on Baseball and Hockey, and the legalization of sports betting in Arizona would mean that there is a lot for him to talk about. He argued that the new wagering environment would be unique. Besides having a great tournament, it would be a great thing that one would be able to place a bet, too, Rodriguez added.

T.J. Shope, Arizona Republican Senator, also expressed his views about the bill asserting that it would benefit both the state and the Native American communities.

How Arizona’s Sports Betting Could Look Like With New Law in Place

With sports betting in Arizona a signature away from taking shape in the region, there are many changes to expect in this betting arena. The state lawmakers passed the bill on Monday, and it is on its way to the governor’s office.

The bill’s signing into law would legalize sports betting in casinos, online, sports venues, and on mobile applications. The bill also legalizes keno and fantasy sports betting. However, it will take another few months before bettors can place their wagers.

With sports betting made possible near sports venues, this means that watching Diamondbacks’ games would be more exciting than ever before. Besides, fans can also place their bets to wager on their team watching their favorite team play. The Diamondbacks have initiated their plans to launch their gaming app and launch a sportsbook just outside of Chase Field.

Arizona Diamondbacks CEO, Derrick Hall, indicated that there is a lot to expect with the signing of the bill into law. He asserted that they would create a lounge, a sports bar, and a place where fans will wager on their team while watching the game. If one is not within the vicinity, they can take advantage of superb offers on the app they plan to introduce.

Hall continued to add that their planned sportsbook could be open for use before the end of the season. He also added that they have been working closely with operators and making an official announcement in no time.

Jeff Weninger, a Republican lawmaker, said that the state should first work on finalizing the gaming compact with the tribes. He also added that it would be required that the federal officials in Washington D.C. should sign off the compact. The passing of the bill would also imply that bettors have different ways of placing their bills.

According to Hall’s statement, casinos would be in a better position to offer sports wagering and that there will be an additional 10 licenses outside of the casinos. Besides these, the Phoenix Open and NASCAR will bring even more benefits to sports fans, franchises, and betting operators.

Nevertheless, it will remain illegal to wager on college sports, which remain banned under NCAA rules.

Governor’s Ducey’s office pointed out that the bill could be signed before the end of the week to pave the way for all these changes.

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